Share your exp with consultants

Dear Candidate,

You have been contacted by many of consultants or you may approached many of them during your search for employment or changing the current company. We all know that there are good consultants in market truly helping the candidates to find a good job or guiding them for same but at the same time there are number of consultant, who disguise most of the time.

We just want to share your exp with consultant (Including us) with our readers (more then 5000 in a month) so that they can avoid such exp in their life. Please leave your exp in “reply to” option so that we can publish it. Waiting for your exp.


Lakshana Sharma


APS Placement Service Pvt. Ltd. (APS)


3 responses

  1. vineet bhatnagar | Reply

    i had a conversation wid one of your representative a way back , she said she will gonna call me back ” NO REPLY FROM HER ” …AGAIN CALLED BACK spoke wid “RUCHI” …she told me the same…still “NO CALL BACK ” from your side…. on top of that she was not talking with me in a proper way ,whatever tht was “NOTHING PROFESSIONAL” i felt…trust me if you will proceed behaving like this you will not be able to stay in the market nymore… take it as a positive feedback …nothing to complaint about ..just to giv u some tips ..if you guys are not in the state of helping a candidate RATHER good candidate , atleast talk in a friendly and a professional way ….. order can not possible widout making a repo” ….hope u implement it soon.
    nyways thanks ….


    1. Dear Vineet,

      First of all, we would like to pay thanks for your valuable feedback & we apologies if anything similar to that happened to you. Our Director has spoke to Ruchi & other team member to improve the situation. However, we would like to convey that we get more then 200 calls in a day hence there are some chances of not calling back to candidate but we have seriously taken your advice on way of speaking at our end. We’ll surely improve on it.

      Our Director is also interested to talk to you on same topic to understand your exp. more deeply. Kindly provide the same.


      APS Support

  2. I am a Biomedical Engineer with an experience of one and a half years .presently am working as a biomedical engineer in a Hospitel .i finished my B tech from sathyabama university chennai.

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