Special Offers !!!


Dear All,

We are proud to announce some really good offers for our clients. We’ll provide our other services for our clients with exceptionally good price compare to market. Please have a look of our below service offers.

Online Database Solutions :

  • Easily monitoring of AMC’s, CMC’s, Business expected, reporting of sales, Store details, reporting of service, database of HR etc.
  • The submission format can be accessed from anywhere or any location and company people can submit information from any location.
  • The authorized person can view all details from anywhere.
  • Authorized person can share this application without sharing his PC.
  • Database can be downloaded in Excel, HTML, PDF & in many other formats.
  • No space consumption on your PC, no fear of crash of database.
  • Searching options, make it more effective. If you want to know the expected business from Gujrat/Rajasthan/Delhi in next month you can see it in that way accordingly.
  • Can be easily embed to your existing website or it can be hosted on our website without any extra cost (FREE !)

Free 30 days DEMO for APS clients

Website on exceptional amount to APS clients only with following features.

  • A suitable domain name.
  • 12 pages and unlimited posts.
  • Online chat support for your website.
  • Stat counter with all stats report.
  • Graph of Daily/Weekly/Monthly hits.
  • Various themes/Templates for looks.
  • Feature of publishing Polls.
  • Database/forms integration.
  • Linking with Facebook/Twitter.
  • Incoming & outgoing link.

* Mail facility will not be available.

All above features in just Rs. 3,800 (+ taxes) for APS clients only.


Please contact for above offers…

Chaaya Fernandeze



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  1. i m loking for a core electronics engineer job

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