FAQ : Franchisee

Please find the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) as below

1. Which portals usually APS work with ? : We usually use 1 or 2 portals at a time. We change portals time to time. Presently we are using monster.com. However, we use other portals like naukri.com or timesjobs.com time to time. Apart from this APS uses it’s own database of candidates many a time.

2. For the naukri.com & monster.com, will there be a dedicated user/subuser for my franchise? : There will not be any subuser sort of thing. Whatever vacancies you’ll get at your end, our expert will find the suitable candidates from the portals or from the database of APS and send to you. These database will be in form of excel sheets. Usually we get enough database for any requirement but that also depends upon what vacancy/profile we have.

3. Is there any search  / download / views restriction. If YES , then why & how much? : There is no such limit.restriction as you’ll not use these items directly.

4)      Any training provided ? : Yes, we’ll provide training that how to talk to candidates, how to motivate them for professional CVs, regitration and how to talk to companies and negotiate with companies regarding payment terms.

4.  Why do we have to charge money to candidate for registration? : APS usually have 50-100 vacancies in a month from various companies for various profiles. At APS, if candidate comes for interview there is a charge of Rs. 100 as interview processing fee for each interview at company (to provide opportunity to candidate) As the features of registration, APS will provide a plastic card to each registered candidate, by which, if he comes to APS for any number of time for any company there will not be charges of Rs. 100 and he’ll get all the vacancies available at APS to his mail id throughout the year and he can appear for interview for any company throughout the year, which suits his profile. By this way, APS have it’s name in market with more users in their pockets, more number of candidates in database and these can appear for interview without calling them for interview. And it increases the cash revenue as well.

5. Other consultancies, if they charge, its only Rs. 50 – Rs 100 only, as compared to yours : It’s the matter of how many vacancies the other consultancies have ? do they have any sort of mailing procedure of candidates, registered with them ?  do they really approaches candidates, who registered at their services ? and do they have any methodologies to track these candidates in future ? APS charges are high because APS have more number of vacancies all the time. APS have method of tracking candidates (it’s own software) and facility of automatic mailing facility for each vacancy available at APS. APS actually take care of registered candidates by mailing them various available vacancies. However, candidates need to filter vacancies according to his profile.

6. Who will decide the region – Franchise or APS? : APS will have sole right to provide the region for the franchisee.

7. Will APS provide us the vacancies – Franchisee owner has to generate leads/vacancies himself by visiting/contacting various companies in their area. However, If APS get any enquiry/vacancies from our website/promotions or from any reference, that will be handled by you and will be counted in your business only.

8. What franchisee owner is suppose to do overall – Franchisee owner has to generate leads/business. Proper follow up with the companies after recruitment. Follow up of payments. Sending payment to APS (HO) timely. Franchisee has to register the candidates (Those who are looking jobs in Delhi/NCR). Should interact with the candidates for professional CV services.

Do you have any other query, please feel free in asking that and we’ll shortly reach you with the solutions of same.


APS Support


10 responses


    1. Dear Mr. Saini,

      Thanks for showing your interest in the franchisee. We’ll shortly get back to you for same.


      APS Customer Support

  2. i want to start a placement franchise rajsthan location in alwar and jaipur district

    1. Dear Mr. Makkar,

      Please send your current location as we are looking to start in Jaipur rather then in Alwar. Awaiting for your response.


      APS TEAM

  3. we are at jaipur location .we have office at ghandhi nagar .

  4. Please help me I want job in medical representative.its very urgent to me.so please do the needful

  5. I am from Bangalore, i like to start franchisee here. Additionally i have team of 5 recruiter under me. Please contact for the same.


    1. Dear Mr. Manikandan,

      We are awaiting for your response with your contact Details. Please provide the same so that we can discuss the same in brief.


      APS Placement Service Pvt. Ltd.

  6. Hello Sir,

    I want to start a franchise office in Distt faridkot Punjab.

    Pritpal Singh

  7. Dear,

    Sending mail regarding franchise.
    My location dinanagar Punjab.

    Thanks regards

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